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Meet the Locals: Sue – our local Travel Broker

My passion for travel was ignited during my time living and working in the United Kingdom, as I explored Europe on a limited budget and discovered the joy of adventurous journeys. While in the UK, I had the opportunity of assisting the Union Bank of Switzerland in managing travel arrangements for their staff.


Upon returning from my overseas experience, I spent two years in the travel industry working with a well-established company in Nelson. However, I found that working in a retail environment didn’t align with my values and my commitment to delivering exceptional service to my clients. Consequently, I embarked on an independent path, becoming one of New Zealand’s pioneering Travel Brokers 25 years ago. At the time, my job title was unconventional and sparked intriguing conversations.

Today, I’m grateful to have built a substantial client following over the years, a testament to my dedication to helping people realise their travel dreams. My travel advice is grounded in personal experience, insider knowledge, and a unique ability to identify opportunities that others may overlook. I’m particularly passionate about crafting itineraries that leave room for creative exploration.

While my primary travel companions these days are my family, including my husband Rob, daughter Mya, and son Ruben, our pre-COVID adventures have left us with unforgettable memories. For instance, during our last significant journey to Vietnam, we found ourselves being chased by a water buffalo as we cycled down a bustling street in Hoi An. Such moments serve as a constant reminder that investing in travel creates enduring memories.


My motivation for coming to work stems from a genuine passion for what I do, combined with a strong aptitude for it. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities for learning. Booking travel can be a time-consuming and occasionally intricate process, and I’ve learned from personal experience that a seamless experience enhances one’s enjoyment. When you contemplate your next trip, please don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m here to discuss options, and you might even be pleasantly surprised.

In partnership with an extensive network of suppliers, I can offer outstanding deals on airfares, accommodations, tours, cruises, and more. Allow me to demonstrate how easy and stress-free travel planning can be.

My home office is located in the picturesque Pigeon Valley, where my family and I have resided for 17 years. To maintain a personalised touch, I operate by appointment only. Feel free to get in touch via phone or email to schedule a meeting – you can leave your gumboots at my doorstep!


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