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The Heart of Tasman

Things to do

Welcome to Wakefield – the Heart of Tasman!

We’re delighted you’ve come to visit and invite you to linger and discover why we call this place Home. Whether you’re young or old; enjoy outdoor activities, good food and coffee, unique accommodation, historical walks or taking part in our interactive museums…there’s something for everyone in the family here in Wakefield.

We look forward to meeting you as you discover our unique little town.

Things to do

Wakefield Community

Wakefield Village has a thriving community, with clubs and societies that reflect a huge range of interests and passions. Whether you are an artist, a sportsman, a hunter or a new mum looking for some company, there is likely to be a club that suits you. Take a look at Clubs and Societies in the Village Directory and see just how much there is going on in Wakefield.

Village News

Wakefield Retail and Business

Wakefield is a small, rural village 30km south of Nelson and within the Tasman District. You may be surprised at just how many local businesses there are. Whether you are looking for a good cup of coffee, a bed for the night, or an electrician, you can be sure to find them in our Village Directory.

Village Directory

History of Wakefield

Wakefield is one of the earliest European settlements in New Zealand, and boasts the oldest church and the longest running school in the country. The village has several buildings of historical interest, and many of the local people have stories that have been passed through generations that add a unique character to Wakefield.

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