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Focus Wakefield Committee

Focus Wakefield aims to build and deliver well-being and prosperity for our whole community while retaining Wakefield’s special character.

Chairperson – Angela McMiken

Secretary, Treasurer – Sonia Emerson

General Committee Members – Lynn Scanlen, Emma Marshall, Jason Prellor, Richard Malcolm, Marie Austin, Wendy Pearson, Neil Kitchen, Dan Shallcrass.

Want to get involved?

Focus Wakefield is looking for new members to represent our communities’ interests.

Meetings are generally held the first Thursday of every month 7:30 at the Village Hall. You don’t have to attend every meeting, however being able to provide input via email is important.

If you are interested please contact any of the following people or contact us.

Current Projects

Focus Wakefield was set up to promote the village of Wakefield and the interest’s of the community.  Anyone within the community can join and add their voice and skills to the numerous projects that Focus Wakefield contributes towards.  Below is a list of achievements and current projects that the members of Focus Wakefield have contributed towards:

  • The monthly writing and publication of ‘Window on Wakefield’
  • Signage for the Cycle Trail
  • Improvement to the Village Green
  • The marketing of Wakefield as a destination
  • Youth Grant scheme
  • This community website
  • A voice for the Wakefield community

How Focus Wakefield came to exist

In July 2012, the Wakefield Community Council (WCC) invited Wakefield residents to its meeting to consider two forth-coming events with long-term implications for Wakefield. These are:

  • The Tasman District Councils’ (TDC) strategic review of Wakefield to produce “a defensible settlement structure plan showing the spatial structure of existing and proposed development, and a programme of capital activities for infrastructure and community services to support development”
  • The arrival of the Great Taste Cycle Trail in Wakefield and the need to coordinate the marketing of Wakefield, its businesses and services, and provision of facilities for cycling visitors.

As a consequence of residents’ interest in developing a vision and long-term plan for Wakefield’s development, WCC formed a subcommittee to:
“identify the unique character of Wakefield and to take a visionary or forward focused approach to Wakefield, using the discussions at this meeting, and the information from the (2010) Peter Kenyon meetings as a starting point.”

Focus Wakefield Objectives:

  • Build an involved and leader-filled community that is inclusive and resilient;
  • Cherish and share our history;
  • Protect and enhance the iconic character and lifestyle of our Village; and
  • Benefit residents, businesses and visitors now and in the future.
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