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Village History


         The first Post Office was housed in the old school building and teacher James Thomas Smith became Wakefield’s first Post Master followed by fellow teacher John Squire in 1856. John was ‘relieved’ from this position when it was found he was inefficient and had damaged the postage date stamp. He was replaced by R J Malone then Richard Chattock in 1866.

Once the railway line was laid down the Post Office moved into the new railway station. It remained there until the new purpose built Post Office building was completed in 1909. It was officially opened in 1910 and operated as such until its closure in 1990.

Currently undergoing renovation, the new owners intend to fully restore it to its former glory as a centre piece on Wakefield’s main street.

This information was shared on a historical walk  (in October 2022) along Edwards Street, presented by Warwick Johnstone from the Waimea South Historical Society (Inc 2022).

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